Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation
* Increased energy in those early postpartum weeks
* Support lactation by increasing and enriching your milk supply
* Decrease in postpartum bleeding
* Good source of iron
* Natural and effective combatant against Postpartum Depression
* Faster healing time of reproductive tissue

The placenta is natural and uniquely made for the mother and child to benefit from. It is full of natural vitamins and hormones that are excellent for the early postpartum period.

Vitamins and Hormones in the Placenta:
Vitamin B6- Plays a role in converting food into energy, also encourages healthy hair, skin, liver and eyes
Cortisone- Reduces inflammation and promotes healing
Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone- Regulates post-birth uterine cramping; Assists in mammary gland production; decreases depression; normalizes and stimulates libido.
Thyroid-Releasing Hormone- Regulates the thyroid gland; boosts energy and supports recovery from stressful evens.
Oxytocin- Decreases pain and increases bonding in between the mother and infant; counteracts cortisol; reduces postpartum bleeding; enhances the breastfeeding let down effect.
Prolactin- Promotes lactation; increases milk supply; enhances the mothering instinct.
Human Placental Lactogen- Promotes mammary gland growth in preparation for lactation in the mother; Regulates maternal glucose, protein and fat levels.
Interferon- Triggers the protective defenses of the immune system to fight infection.
Hemoglobin- Oxygen-carrying molecule which provides a boost in energy.
Immunoglobulin- Antibody molecules which support the immune system.
Iron- Replenishes maternal iron sores to combat anemia; increases energy; decreases fatigue and depression.
Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor- Stimulates the production of your body’s natural opioids (endorphins); reduces pain; increases well-being.
Many of these hormones have been linked to the treatment of Postpartum Mood Disorders like PPD, Postpartum PTSD, and Postpartum Anxiety Disorder. Placental encapsulation and ingestion has been used in Ancient Chinese Medicine for many, many years for postpartum healing.

The Process
If you have given birth in a hospital I will need you or your doula (if I’m your doula I can handle this part) to bag and put the placenta on ice in a cooler. You then have 4 hours to get it to me so that it can stay cool and I will put it in my refrigerator. I will then begin processing your placenta. The whole process should take 24-48 hours. I will slice, dehydrate, grind and pack your placenta into capsules and then will bring them to you when I’m finished with them. I use the raw preparation method in order to maximize the nutrient benefits and give you a bigger boost of energy when ingesting your pills. A typical placenta will make anywhere from 70-150 pills.

**Please NOTE** I would prefer to encapsulate IN YOUR HOME both for your protection AND mine, however, if this is not a possibility I will encapsulate in my home.

Fee: $125

Package Specials


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