Childbirth Education

Private Childbirth Education

This is a 6 week, all inclusive Childbirth Education series. It goes over the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman, the anatomy and physiology of birth, etc.

Class Objectives:

  • To get to know your body and baby better
  • To understand and become comfortable with the physiology of labor
  • To grow closer to your partner
  • To be empowered to be able to make educated decisions for yourself while you are in labor
  • To understand newborn basics and safety
  • To feel comfortable with breastfeeding basics

Class 1: Vocabulary, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Exercises and Coping, Is it Labor?

Class 2: Birth Plans, Stages of Labor Part 1, Informed Consent

Class 3: Stages of Labor Part 2, Labor Support

Class 4: What to expect at the Hospital, Pain Medication

Class 5: Variations of Labor

Class 6: Post-partum adjustments, Intro to Breastfeeding, Newborn Care

Cost: $200 per couple

Christian Childbirth Education Group Classes

Complete 8 week childbirth education class that focuses on your body, your baby and your birth, from a Godly perspective.

This 8 week course includes topics like:

* Stewardship

* Labor Comfort

* Labor Challenges

* Birth Planning

* Parenting a Newborn

Cost: $125 per couple. **Must have 5 couples signed up per series**

Package Specials


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