Birth Doula Services

It is my belief that every woman needs and and should have the privilege of having a birth doula by her side as a support during pregnancy and at the start of her new journey as a mother. Though each mother/family/couple has different needs, it is my job to understand and adapt accordingly.

I am not just here to support women who wish to have natural home births. I also serve mothers who are having scheduled cesarean sections, have no desire for med free births, are delivering in the hospital, at home, or wherever they feel comfortable.

My Doula Services include:

* Free initial consultation to discuss desire for birth and get to know each other.

* Email and phone support for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

* Two prenatal appointments to discuss comfort measures, birth plan, preparations, and answer any questions you have.

* Access to my “lending library

* On call availability from 38 weeks gestation until baby is born (though I can always be reached and and will more than likely be available should you need me earlier than 38 weeks)

* Emotional and physical support during labor along with breastfeeding assistance after birth.

* Postpartum visit to process birth and answer any questions you might have.

My full doula fee is $650 with a 25% deposit due at the first prenatal appointment. I require payment in full by 37 weeks. However, if you need alternative payment plans please don’t hesitate to ask.

Package Specials


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