Welcome Baby Riley!

It had been a long (almost) week of pretty consistent contractions, not painful, but consistent. Amber had a doctor appointment on Monday 4/14/2014 and it was decided that she would be induced that afternoon. After speaking with me, they decided on 4pm.

At a bit before 4 pm they arrived and I showed up around 4:20.

At 6 pm the pitocin was started. It was started at a 2 (out of 20) and about 30 minutes later it was increased to a 4. At around 6:45 Amber was checked. She was 3 cm’s and 90% effaced. Finally, after floating for a very long time and not in a great position, baby’s head was down and in a favorable position for her water to be broken. HUGE GUSH! Lots of water, 5-10 lbs of water!

Amber labored like a champ like this for a long time. At 9:15pm she was checked and had progressed to 4cm and still 90%. She was starting to get more and more uncomfortable.

Around 10:40pm she requested an epidural. She was tired and the pain was intense. I  suggested that the pitocin be turned off, and it was.

Soon the anesthesiologist came in and began the epidural process. Amber handled the administering of the epidural extremely well considering she was likely in transition!! As the epidural was being put in place she felt her body having little surges of pushing on its own!

Not long after the epidural was set up, and Amber was back to laying down on the bed, she felt intense pressure. Her eyes were big but she couldn’t talk! She was checked and was told that she was “just a rim” but we all knew that she was really complete. The doctor wasn’t there yet so the nurse didn’t want to risk the possibility of Amber pushing and the doctor not being there to catch the baby!

Just before midnight, the urge to push was too strong and the doctor came in. Amber pushed for about 20 minutes and Baby Riley was born! 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long! Beautiful and hungry!!

039bw 043 070bw 076


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